About Me and My Blog

I'm Nola DarlingHi, Reader.  You’re the investigative type aren’t you?  Well, then my blog about the random things  I think about while I drive to work should be right up your alley.  I suspect that you’ll find that you think of many of these things too.

By the way, I’m Nola.  Nola Darling to be exact.  That’s really apropos, because New Orleans, Louisiana (nicknamed NOLA) is my favorite city in the world and I love Spike Lee’s freshman movie She’s Gotta Have Itin which the main character is named (drum roll, please), Nola Darling. Yeah, I’m that girl.  No, not THAT actress exactly, but well, just watch this movie clip and you’ll get a taste of what being Nola is like:

Like the Nola in the clip you just watched, I also know what I want and I definitely gotta have it!  At the end of the day, the random things I think about always teach me something about life and help me to get what I want.  We’re going to talk about everything here: life, love, work, kids, politics, fashion, religion, family, food, books, music…I can keep going!

So what I gotta have right now is your feedback!  Drop me a reply below, follow my blog so you can keep up with my posts, and/or connect with me on Twitter @NolaDarling71.

…and, oh yeah, don’t forget to tell me what YOU think about while you drive to work!


So what do YOU think?

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